Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Great Day For a Drive

It was a beautiful day here in Campbell River! I finished off my dolly fender repair and bolted one fender back on. The other will have to stay off until Brooks and Linda come up with their MIG welder to do a small repair on the frame for the other fender.

Norma was working in the garden and I was reading some Blogs. I saw that Rick, of Rick and Paulette’s RV Travels was camped with his family at Pacific Playgrounds RV Park, just a short drive down the road. I knew they were hikers and might not be around but I took a chance and drove down. It did not take long to find their Big Country 5’er and a knock on the door brought Rick (and the dogs) out. We sat outside and had a nice conversation. Paulette and the “kids” had gone into Campbell River for shopping so there was just the two of us. Rick and Paulette spent last winter around Desert Hot Springs area near Palm Springs so we talked about that, Mexico and some other Bloggers. It was a good time. They live just a short distance from Brooks and Linda so I am sure we will meet again. We agree on our politics so we will always have something to talk about!

Rick and Paulette (Photo stolen from his Blog):



  1. Good on you for taking the chance to visit with Rick and Paulette. I'm sure you two had a good chin wag.

  2. I enjoyed your visit, Croft, and especially that we agree on our politics. It's a rarity for me to meet a fellow blogger who does.

  3. Always nice to meet and chat with fellow bloggers. Nice that you could visit.

  4. Tis a small world indeed! Glad you got together.