Monday, July 16, 2012

Nothing To Look At Here...

We are well and have been using the latest sunny days to do some outside work. I have spent three days pressure washing the front, back and side concrete patios as well as the retaining wall in the back. I am using a cheap Stanley pressure washer that does the job but not very quickly. I still have a day or so to go so that will keep me busy today. The pressure washer was not designed for 6'3" people so I am having to bend down as I work. This is not good for my back and requires periodic breaks.

The weather forecast is for rain starting tomorrow and continuing for the foreseeable future!

We volunteered to supply the wine for Brooks and Linda Lee's wedding so we ordered three batches from "Wine With Us" the local U-Brew wine store. It will be ready a week or so before the wedding. Now to see if custom labels can be ordered at a reasonable price and to start rounding up bottles.


  1. Croft
    You are fortunate you can work outside. We are going through another heat wave with daily temp in the range of 100º F. For us older folks we can only be working outdoors up until about noon. After that it is so blistering hot it would peel your skin off. Times like this I wish we could hook up the RV and head north. However, we would have to go as far north as Flin Flon to get any relief. It's a real booger day after day with this heat and no rain.
    Bill in Nebr.

  2. I found a local printer who will do the labels for $40 for 100 labels. A photo of the couple with names and the date. Each couple gets a bottle with a few left over. The wine is about $130 per 32 bottle batch.

  3. Very nice of you to volunteer to provide the wine for the wedding - the custom labels are a nice touch.

    I know what you mean about bending over power washing - it's a killer.

    Sure hope the weatherman's wrong about the rain!