Thursday, July 5, 2012

Things Are Getting A Little Wierd

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

- Hamlet (Shakespeare)

BAB's Story:

I was just reading a Blog post by Big Ass Belle. She was telling the story of her mother who walked out of the house a few days before Christmas 1969, drove off in the family car and vanished from the face of the earth. The family have been troubled ever since. The car was never found, all nearby rivers and lakes were dredged and she remained on Oklahoma's missing persons list ever since. The police quit looking as they always thought her father (now 95 and still living) had something to do with it even though he passed all the lie detector tests. She had simply vanished. 43 years later the family has no closure. Is she alive? Is she dead? If so where is she buried?

A while ago BAB's sister happened across a psychic medium in Florida and decided to give her a go at the family mystery. They had nothing to loose and you just never know. She sat down across from the medium and before she could tell her story the medium told her that someone wanted to talk to her. In fact this woman was pushing everyone aside to get to talk. It was her mother. She had family details that no one else could have and explained the whole story including the fact that she had died in 1993.

No one in the family had ever lived in this part of Florida where the medium lived and she had no way of knowing the story. Dozens of proofs that it was her came up in the conversation and the medium did not know beforehand that the sister was coming. She just dropped in on a whim and without an appointment.

My Story:

My story is nowhere near as dramatic but it does involve my mother. Back in the 60's my mother developed a balance problem. She could not walk without having to touch a wall as she moved or holding someone's arm. Doctors had no explanation and the condition did not improve over the next few years. 

She had read about the psychic surgeons in the Philippians and eventually decided she would try them. She had nothing to loose. She made arrangements to travel with a woman friend who had her own problems she wanted dealt with and off they went.

She made an appointment with one of these "surgeons' and explained her problem. He passed his hands over her head and told her she had a "growth" near her inner ear. He pressed his fingers on the side of her head and she could feel his fingers enter her head. He pulled his hand out and in his fingers was a bloody mass of tissue. Her head was bleeding slightly but he wiped the blood away, passed his hand over the area and the bleeding stopped. The wound was closed. As she was thanking him and getting ready to leave the treatment room he said, "Just a moment. I sense a problem in your stomach". Mom had digestion problems going back for years so she laid back down as he investigated further. He told her that there was a cancerous growth in her stomach. This time he pressed his fingers against her belly and she could feel his hands inside her. He twisted his hands and pulled out another mass of tissue. That wound was treated the same way. He passed his hands over it and the bleeding stopped and the wound was healed.

He charged her $200 USA for his services (probably a good week's pay in those days) and she walked away from him without having to hold her friend's arm. In fact, she could walk without assistance for many years after. Her digestion problem, although it never completely dissapeared, was probably 90% improved.


Yes, I know. The skeptic in me says both these stories are ridiculous. Any sane person knows it is not possible to talk to the dead or to heal in this manner. The psychic mediums take clues from what you say and have people madly searching the Internet as they are drawing information from you into hidden microphones and telling the medium what to say through hidden earphones. It is all fake. Everyone knows the "tissue" the "surgeons" pull out of you are chicken parts and the "blood" is fake. We all know this.

BUT... my mother was able to walk away without assistance. She had not been able to do this for years. Her stomach problems almost dissapeared. Was this all in her head? Maybe, but so what? It worked.

BAB's family is now able to rest much easier knowing what had happened to their wife and mother and why she left. They have the complete story and, although they are not willing to publicly share the story right now, are at last at peace.

Maybe it is all fake. Maybe everyone was taken in by fast talking snake oil salesmen. But even if that is so, two families benefited from it. In our case it cost $200 plus a plane ticket to improve mom's quality of life for the rest of her life.

It was worth it. Plus, she got to see the Philippines.


  1. The power of the mind is an amazing thing. Has more to do with "faith" than anything else.
    And yes, psychics can certainly read a person and fill in the blanks. And if you believe the chicken parts that show up in the "Doctor's" hand to be part of your body, that "evidence" is going to be very powerful. Your mind will get you to do things you thought impossible up to that point. Like keep your balance.
    People do things under hypnosis that they otherwise can't or wouldn't do. It's kind of the same notion.

    Here's another thing to chew on:

    Thirty years ago, if we saw someone walking down the street "talking to himself" we'd be fairly certain that there were some mental health issues. The idea of mental illness is a fairly recent idea, in the grand scheme of things.
    Nowadays if someone is "talking to themselves", they might very well be on a cell phone (bluetooth, whatever) so we don't think much of it.
    Two to three thousand years ago however, (before there was the concept of being mentally unstabe) if someone heard voices and was talking to himself? Why, he must be a prophet! We'd better write it all down! God spoke to him!

    The power of the mind can be overwhelming. Whether the results are good or not, is a matter of debate.

  2. Missing an "l" in "unstable".

    Even though I proof read, it doesn't always help.

  3. I agree with you and Bob, faith can heal just about anything if you believe.


    Bill in Nebr.

  5. I firmly believe that mind is very strong and can in fact lead you to certain events in your life. I admire you mother for doing what she did, especially way back then. She must have been a very strong woman.

    If I ever needed surgery again and had the means to go to one of these Dr's, I probably would. I would have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

  6. Hey, it worked for her. Hard to argue with that!