Monday, July 23, 2012

Weekend Visitors

Brooks and Linda were up for the weekend. They were meeting the caterer for the wedding to check out the cooking facilities at the beach front resort down the beach where the wedding will be held. Everyone stayed here at the house on Saturday night. It was a good time.

Brooks made a deal with our widow neighbour, Pauline a couple of years ago where Pauline gave Brooks her hot tub which she no longer used and in return Brooks agreed to do house maintenance and minor repairs for her as the need arises. This trip she had him replace a flag pole that had blown down last winter and add some lighting in front of the house. The time before it was to build some steps from her garden up to our driveway and to repair a fence. It is all simple stuff and the deal works out well for both of them. It is a top of the line hot tub with waterfalls and flashing LED's and it gets a lot of use at Brooks and Linda's. Pauline is a very good neighbour and always sweetens the pot with some much appreciated baking she sends up periodically.

On Sunday Brooks, Linda, the caterer and his wife stopped at the resort where the wedding will be held and inspected the kitchen and facilities. Everything passed muster and they are looking forward to the party on September 8th.


  1. Barter can be a very good arrangement. Sure seems that way with the hot tub exchange for labour.

  2. I like that arrangement too especially when I see you get Pauline's baking on occasion - now, that's a really good deal.

  3. Good deal on the hot tub.
    The barter system worked really go for me when I had my restaurant. Feed the tradesmen, they worked on our house, everybody happy.

  4. Catering, beach resort, sounds like there is a pretty fancy wedding coming up. Hope the weather cooperates!