Friday, December 19, 2014

Hummingbird In The Hedge

We were sitting out with some neighbors yesterday evening when suddenly, "Whoosh", a tiny hummingbird flew right past my nose! He had a branch picked out in the hedge and I was sitting between our feeder and his perch. He was giving me fair warning that this was his flight path and that I was in it!

I saw him in the hedge and he did not seem to be in a hurry to leave so I quietly got up to get my camera. He waited patiently while I sat back down and found him in the finder. He is only an inch or so tall so it took a minute to find and zoom in on him with a high magnification level of 50X or so. The light was not good as the sun was setting behind the hedge he was in so the camera insisted on setting a high ASA setting which introduces some grain as well as delivering less contrast that the scene deserved. I managed to add contrast with Picasa so here is the best I could do at the moment. I will keep my eye open for a better chance as he seems to be happy here on our patio. Maybe he has a girlfriend he will introduce us to.


  1. Even on low light that's a good pic.

  2. Super nice Croft - love hummingbirds! More pics please! The purple is amazing.

  3. Excellent picture of your friendly neighbor.

  4. Nice photo. But it begs the question. Did you move your chair to not impede the little fella's flight path?

    1. No, he had to work around me but he let me know he was not happy about it.

  5. Great photo Croft. My hummingbird book is back in Canada so I can't help ID him but he is beautiful.

  6. Good shot amigo - plenty of those subjects south of the border - hint, hint.