Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Pleasant Surprise!

We were just finishing up a late breakfast this morning when a pickup stopped in front. It was our friend Rick from Rick's Bits 'n Bytes, Pics and News stopping in for a visit with Rylie. Rylie quickly found a comfortable spot on the back of the couch where she could watch the neighborhood while us humans chatted. Rick did a couple of tweaks on my computer that will make life easier for me.

Rick and Paulette are staying at The Sands, just down the road from us and Paulette was off on one of her excursions so Rick and Rylie decided to come and find us. It was a nice visit.


  1. It was great seeing you and Norma yesterday morning as 2014 slowly wound to an end. We were just in time to solve all the problems that others had created around the world in the past year. I enjoyed our visit!

  2. With you two in charge, I can now sit down and relax!

    1. Laurie, there are not many problems that Rick and I cannot solve!