Monday, December 15, 2014

Toast And A New Computer

My old Compaq Windows 7 laptop is officially toast. I have tried starting it up many times and it will get no further than the Compaq Welcome Screen. I can't even get the CD/DVD drawer to open to put in my restore disk set. Oh well, it has been giving me problems for several months so it's demise is not unexpected.

My friend Rick responded to my email about the Best Buy computer, telling me he saw no reason why it would not do for what I need it for.

I went to the Best Buy site to order the Toshiba (not for sale in store but can be ordered and picked up in store) and got as far as the point where it would not accept my Canadian address. I then called the store to order over the phone. Same thing. She asked my address and I asked if she wanted my legal Canadian address or my temporary US address. She wanted my permanent Canadian address which of course her computer would not accept. I then gave her the address of the RV park. Then she asked for my credit card number which I gave her. She then asked if the mailing address on the card was the RV park. No, it is my Canadian address. She then called a "manager" and they figured something out. Now she told me they had to wait for a "fraud check" on the card that could take up to 24 hours. and she would mail me a "pick up code" when (if) I passed the fraud check. Sheesh! I am just trying to buy a cheap computer!

Well, it is 9:00 AM, about 18 hours after I ordered the damn thing and still no email. I checked my Visa account on line and they put the charge through about an hour after I talked to them so what is the problem?


  1. Come on, Croft. Did you work 24/7? Neither do the folks at the Best Buy store. Except for extended holiday hours, if the store is part of a mall, it probably doesn't open until 10 AM. I've worked retail in a mall. It is a matter of when the mall's management says you may be open.

    However, I also know how phreaking crazy it is during the holiday shopping season so give them a call. It probably slipped their mind. Good luck with your new computer. And it is probably worth your while to either buy an empty case to put your hard drive from the old computer to allow you to remove your essential data - photos, music, videos, databases, spreadsheets, etc. Or, pay the Geek Squad to do it for you.

    Have fun with your new 'puter and happy holidays to you and your wife.

    1. If they will let me walk in the store and buy a computer then why do they require a 24 hour "fraud check" if I order by phone and have to walk into the store to pick it up anyway? It makes no sense. I never did get the email but they let me pick up the computer after they checked my credit card and drivers license.

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