Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Baja Is Small

I have to keep reminding myself how small Baja really is! The total drive from end to end is only 1800 KM and the very bottom, Cabo San Lucas, is right across the Sea Of Cortez from Mazatlan which we know is only a two or three day drive from the border. Maybe a better comparison would be the drive from Vancouver, BC to San Francisco, CA which I once did in one day when I was young and foolish and we only had a four day weekend off.

We will be doing a lot of parking and exploring, spending a week or so in every popular/scenic location as we travel. For the most part we will be traveling the same route back as we did on the way down so we will gain knowledge of the best places to stop for the return trip. We may take a couple of side trips but we will decide that as we go.

Gas is more expensive in Mexico than it was last time we were there but considering the reduced distances we will be traveling we should get by with ten or twelve tankfulls for the time we are there.

It will be an adventure. A shorter drive, but still an adventure.


  1. Looking forward to see it Croft! Hi to Norma!

  2. We are looking forward to following you trip down to Mexico. We are toying with travelling through Mexico so it will be interesting to hear how your trip goes this year. Safe travels.

  3. Maybe you'll be around the areas where the ferry goes and we can come over, bodies only, and spend a night or two for a visit. We'll be watching your trip. I think Mazatlan is where we're going. It's and easy drive and we know the routine.

  4. I just checked back, and back in 2007-2008 we actually took two full months to do the Baja north to south one way prior to taking the ferry to Mazatlan. Of course we were totally taking our time. Si I think you'll have no problem coasting your way to the bottom and back over the course of the winter.


  5. Enjoy the journey, thats what its all about.

  6. Cool. Down and back looks like fun. Drive carefully & stay safe.