Saturday, November 21, 2015

A Great Dinner With Old Friends!

Our friends Muff and Val McMurphy have a park model in Yuma where they spend a few months escaping the Vernon, BC winters. They are always busy with their golf and active social life but they got a night off last night and decided to spend it with us.

Muff and I started working for Canadian Telephones and Supplies (CT&S), an offshoot of BC Tel around the same time back in the mid 1960's and met shortly after that on a job in Chilliwack. Our wives to be met shortly after and we all became fast friends, the kind of friends that if you go a year or two without seeing each other, it is just as if you were never apart when you finally do get together. Our friendship continued on through our work (and political) lives where we were both active in our union and worked together on several projects for the telephone company. When we both retired we continued to see them at retirement do's and down here in Yuma.

Yesterday Norma raided her well guarded freezer for some very nice BC salmon, halibut and prawns which her and Val marinated in teriyaki sauce, threaded onto skewers and cooked in the convection oven. They turned out perfect and shared our plates with some potato salad. They were so good, they were eaten before I thought to take a photo!

Here are our friends. Funny how we are all aging except Val who insists she is keeping up with us age wise but it sure does not show!


  1. Norma's well guarded salmon is some of the best.

    1. We will save some in case we get to see you and Dee before we head home.

  2. Always nice to meet up with old friends and spend some time together on the road.