Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Santa Nella, CA

In Santa Nella, CA, a wide spot on I-5 south of Stockton, CA. Gas stations, restaurants and a small $28 a night RV park. We tried two previous truck stops but found no place to park except between reefer running big rigs and I did not want to face that after a long drive.

We stopped at the Olive Pit in Corning to stock up on three jars of fancy olives, feta stuffed, anchovy stuffed and pimento stuffed. This decision was made after ample sampling.

StarChoice was hooked up after a short delay finding the RV park in Dishpointer but then it went well. A nice relaxing evening watching TV and eating. About 600 miles to go. The adventure continues!


  1. I bet they know you in the Olive Pit by travels and think of all those deer back in your garden..cheers les

  2. Nice when all goes well, gotta get stocked up, we do that too.