Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The Woman Card

Trump's recent slur about Hillary "Playing the Woman Card" has turned around on him as the Clinton campaign turned it into a successful fund raiser. Initial polls today give Hillary a double digit lead (54 - 41) over Trump and I expect that gap to widen.

I am a Bernie guy. I have the shirt and everything. I am not writing Bernie off as I think the superdelegates will start moving over to him before the convention is over. If Bernie becomes the candidate he will beat Trump by even wider margins. In either case, the next President will be a Democrat. You can take that to the bank!

To be fair, I did search the Internet for Trumps card but could not find the Asshole Card anywhere. Because that is all he has going for him.


  1. It is stunning how many can be duped by this carnival barker. It doesn't bode well for this country that so many are so gullible.

  2. I voted for Sanders, not because I thought he would win the nomination to represent the Democratic party but because I hoped he would fire up the left and push Mrs. Clinton off her safe middle ground. I would vote for your Prime Minister over all of the US candidates who threw their hat in the ring. I'll vote for Hillary and be happy enough.

  3. Find out what Mr. Trump's policies are. Go to his website and read and learn what the man is going to do for the U.S. and how he is going to accomplish it.

    For heaven's sake, the man is a New Yorker! That's the way they are... brash and bold. I've lived in NY. I know. When the agitators with Bernie signs disrupted a Trump rally in NYC, the Trump supporters chanted "Asshole! Asshole." That's New York! In the Midwest when the paid agitators disrupted, the Trump people stood meekly by waiting for the jerks to be removed. Try to understand regional differences.

    We have jihadists camped over the border from Deming, New Mexico, and people are upset about Mr. Trump's "tone" when he's the ONLY candidate with a clear, common sense plan to deal with the situation and a myriad of other problems that require strong leadership. Socialism isn't going to protect us.

    Please educate yourself. Blogs are very influential. Don't be a Trump basher just because you swallow the dishonest media. 30,000 people show up for a Trump rally (I saw the video) and the media reports 3,000. Surely you notice the bias?

    I don't expect you to post this. That's okay. I'm just tired of people influencing others based on nothing more than what the TV proclaims as truth or on a narrow view of how one should present themselves.


  4. On second thought, having looked over your blog, delete my comment. It's futile. I apologize if I upset anyone with my message. Thanks, Sue

  5. Norm, your comments represent many Americans I have spoken to. They will be happy enough with Hillary but were anxious to give her a 'nudge' to the left. Bernie can be proud of having accomplished this.

    Our Prime Minister is another matter. Do not let the party name of "Liberal" mislead you, Canadian "Liberals" are anything but. We are still in the arms sales business and our troops are still fighting. Post Office jobs are being done away with as pensioners find themselves walking blocks in the rain and snow to community mail boxes.

  6. No Sue, I am leaving your comments as they clearly illustrate the paranoia Trump and his ilk have generated among some Americans. Being a "Brash and bold" New Yorker does not excuse his racism, sexism and xenophobia.

    BTW, there is no Jihadist camp across the border from Deming, NM. This crazy story has been completely refuted.