Monday, May 16, 2016

We Lost Beau!

We lost our lawn guy! Beau showed up for work a couple of weeks ago and proudly announced that he had a "real" job, working in the kitchen of The Dolphins Resort. He said not to worry, that it was the 4:00 to Midnight shift and that he would still be able to do our yard work. Well last week he did not show up and called later to say he was just too tired and re-scheduled for later in the week. Again he cancelled and admitted that he just could not do both jobs. He was giving up his lawn business! Beau has been working with Norma for twelve years and he was almost like a son. We will really miss him and his energetic work attitude! The Dolphins Resort is lucky to be getting him and I hope they quickly move him up from his entry level job!

We have been trying to find a replacement and have a guy here today doing a trial run. He charges $35 per hour, a lot more than Beau but seems convinced he can do the whole job in an hour. If that is indeed the case he might work out but there is no doubt Beau will be missed!

Here he is helping Brooks with the deer fence.


  1. Nice for Beau to get hired in the restaurant trade, not an easy job...
    We hope the new guy works out for you.

  2. Too bad about Beau, hope the restaurant works out for him. Hard work and long hours, I should know had my own restaurant for 10 years.

  3. Well, it took 2 hours = $70 but he did everything including whipper snipping the rear slope right down to the ground so it will take longer to grow back. This was something Beau was always afraid to do as he thought he would kill the grass. His price also includes hauling away cuttings and clippings which Beau charged more for. He is coming back in a week to do it again but thinks that once he gets everything trained, it should only have to be done every two weeks or at least be able to run through it in an hour. We shall see.

  4. OMG how ever is Norma going to manage without Beau? But you seem to have it well in hand, good luck.

  5. Nothing is forever. We miss the guy we had when we lived in the city. He did everything. It was nice while it lasted.