Monday, May 2, 2016


One of my jobs in unloading the motorhome was the booze cabinet. Norma wanted to do the food and clothes herself so that was just about all that was left.

I packed it all in and found I was correct in what I told Canada Customs, the supply consisted of partly full bottles. They were about to join the rest of the partly full bottles in the booze cabinet in the house when I discovered they would not fit. What the heck? I pulled everything out and there they were, all the partly filled bottles from previous years! Lots of them! Something had to be done!

I started with the rum as that seemed to compile the most quantity. There were several part bottles of white, gold, spiced, black and dark varieties. Nothing to do but to start combining which I did by ignoring brand names and just going by colour. I ended up with five bottles of rum, all full or close to it. My blended Scotch followed reduced to one and a half 40 ounce bottles plus the only single malt I have, the one Brooks gave me for my birthday.

The feature attraction ended up being my tequila collection! After combining five part bottles of identical product into three I taste tested several other dregs of similar Respado (aged) varieties before I combined them all into one bottle, creating my own blend which turned out to be very good. I am almost ashamed to admit it but even after all the combining, I still ended up with seven bottles of tequila, most full. This is a result of many years travelling around Mexico. I rarely drink tequila at home but I think I will have to start.

I then lined everything up in the liquor cabinet and carried ten or fifteen empty bottles out to the garbage. I think I have my liquor supply for the next few years!

I'm really not a lush!


  1. I'm not as thunk as drinke peep I am...

  2. I still have not forgiven you for me getting busted in Victoria with tequila a few years ago in Ramona!!!!!!les

  3. Hmmmmm, maybe Sharon and I need to stop by for a visit...

  4. Your last line goes for both of us! Thanks for stating that. Hi Norma!

  5. Hey we could help you take care if any if that as long as I don't have to drive anywhere..
    Drink Tequila, it;s good !

  6. This was funny. We don't drink except maybe occasionally for Jim so those bottles would last us a lifetime and longer.