Monday, May 9, 2016

Washing Up

It is warm, low 20's, here in Campbell River. The sun is out and the smoke from the Alberta fires is blowing the other way towards Saskatchewan and Florida so I had no excuse - I had to wash the motorhome!

I started with the back and moved to the drivers side. Norma followed with her bug and tar remover and fine tuning everything. It took a couple of hours but I am done and Norma is on the final side. It looks pretty good and we can move it into it's summer resting place.

When it is parked I will investigate the leaky water pump. I had a good look yesterday and discovered that the body of the pump is leaking just a little. I had Norma turn on the pump and run some water while I watched. A few drops formed all around the body of the pump where the two halves join together. There are three screws holding it together and I will try to tighten them up before I take the drastic step of ordering a new pump. The best deal on ebay for a Shur-Flo 3.0 GPM 4008 for $58 US plus $10 shipping. The best price on is $100 CA plus $6 shipping plus taxes so I will go with eBay.

I probably should order one anyway as it is always good to have a spare.

While we were working the delivery truck pulled up with my new GPS so I will be setting that up tonight but that is something I enjoy.

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  1. Making progress and getting things all together. Always nice to have a spare water pump anyway, never know.