Friday, April 14, 2017

Everything But Locusts!

Wind, rain, hail and snow! That was our day driving from Ontario, Oregon to Pendleton! It was not that far (160 miles) but we called it quits ten miles short of Pendleton and pulled into the Wildhorse Casino and RV Park. It is a pretty basic park with gravel spaces and they charge $40 per night but it was way better than a Walmart parking lot with no hookups. We will need our electric heater tonight.

We set up the dish and eventually got a good signal but ten minutes later a gust of wind hit it and blew the whole thing a foot down the road. It is now set again and weighted down with a 30 bottle drinking water pack and a sand bag I made with a grocery bag and a few pounds of dirt from a nearby pile. It's not going anywhere now!

Maybe we will go over to the casino later and see if Norma can win our rent back.


  1. Why don't you head south to San Miguel?

  2. Gosh we got cheated and didn't get the hail....passed by the casino about 10:45AM.