Sunday, April 2, 2017

Heading For Las Vegas!

We left our relaxing two months in Mesa yesterday morning after an early morning visit from Paula and her mom. We followed Highway 60 north (fighting the GPS all the way as she had a different route in mind) and ended up at Dazzo's RV Park in Wikiup, AZ. which is about half way to Vegas.

Dazzo's is a strange place. Last year at this time his restaurant and lobby looked like a Donald Trump Campaign Headquarters. This time, everything is gone including his extensive Glen Beck book display and his huge collection of anti-Obama sign, posters and post cards. The walls are bare except for American flags and one lone sign on the cash register stating, "We The People Are Pissed Off!".

Other than Dazzo's politics, the RV park is basic but nice. Great showers, free WIFI, long pull-throughs, easy satellite TV hookup and dozens of talkative birds making their homes in the cactus' growing between the spaces.

The four hour drive yesterday left us both a little stiff so we are thinking of staying another night at Dazzo's welcoming Passport America Rate of $10.50.

It is going to be a slow trip home, just the kind we like. We will get to Vegas tomorrow and will stay for six or seven nights, scheduling a dinner at The Bootlegger, an old time Italian restaurant featured on one of Anthony Bourdain's shows. We tried last year but their reservations were full for the next few days and we could not get in.

Our shopping list on the way home has expanded to include a new microwave for the kitchen at home, new chrome rings for the stove and maybe a new wide screen TV for the bottom room. Brooks and LindaLee complain that the screen "flickers" but my 71 year old eyes can't see that.


  1. Croft,VIVA LAS VEGAS!!Buen Suerte to you both

  2. Thanks to you, we stay at Dazzos when we go that way. Have a safe journey home.

  3. Have a safe trip home. I miss you guys already.

  4. Croft, you and Norma have a safe trip home and enjoy Vegas. We will be there in December and will have to attempt to get a reservation at the Italian restaurant you mentioned before we go.

    By the way, we did get the "whole meal deal" or "whole burrito." You and Roly have been life savers. We will be in Havana from June 13 to June 20. We need you to e-mail us your address in Campbell River so that we may send you an offering of your special single-malt scotch. Thank you again for your help.

    Dee and Beach

    1. No problem Dee but I think sending liquor across the Canadian border might prove harder than going to Cuba! Lets wait until our paths cross sometime. We have a guest room in Campbell River if you ever get there. :)

      I would however like to hear how you and Roly managed the reservations, B&B, money transfers, etc.

      We have a reservation at that Vegas restaurant 'The Bootlegger' for Wednesday night. They have a jazz singer performing.

      Croft & Norma

  5. Are you staying at Roadrunner in Las Vegas?

  6. Travel safely and don't leave all your money in Vegas, still need gas to get home.