Friday, April 14, 2017

Ontario, Oregon

It was a three State day for us yesterday, driving about four and a half hours, a good day for us and we were ready to stop when we crossed the Idaho/Oregon border into the city of Ontario. We wanted to start looking for a new microwave oven for home and this was a good place as Walmart and Home Depot are right next door to each other.

We sort of wanted to find a combination Convection Microwave because we were getting used to and liking the one in the motorhome but they are hard to find. Home Depot had a nice one for $291 but it had to be ordered and would take 3 or 4 weeks so that was out. We ended up buying a standard stainless steel Magic Chef oven with a large 1.6 cubic foot capacity.

It is a great parking lot here, right on the river so we set up for the night. There are lots of trees so we had a bit of a problem finding a spot to set up the satellite dish but finally did it. Norma had a list of shows she wanted to PVR.

It was quite cold overnight and when we were woken up by our neighbors leaving at 3:00 AM we fired up the generator and the furnace for a few minutes and then had trouble getting back to sleep so it will be a slow morning for us.

Norma wants to go back to Home Depot to get some garden supplies that are much cheaper in the US. We will then go to Denny's for breakfast and head out for Pendleton, only 190 miles away.


  1. Looks like you are making progress, and will soon be back home again, Good luck with your shopping.

  2. ...are much cheaper in the US...

    It is truly amazing that you can add on 30%, and it's STILL cheaper. Hard to figure that out...

    1. Very often true, especially in Oregon. That microwave we bought yesterday was $149 marked down to $108 US. It would have been at least $150 in Canada plus 13% tax plus $8 recycling fee. Here, it is marked $108, we pay $108 ($143 Can).

      Norma's garden stuff is only available in very small packages in Canada, probably because it is dangerous if someone eats it or something and is a lot of money. Here, it is sold in huge boxes and we end up paying only about 25% of what the same amount would cost in Canada.

    2. If there is any duty charged on the microwave when crossing the border, just open up the box and throw it away, take all the warranty and instructions out, and plug it into a socket in the motorhome as if you are using it. This creates a "used" product and then I would think you should not have to pay duty. Heck, I have no idea what you can do with the garden supplies as their packaging is their containers.