Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Final election night totals:

Liberal 43, NDP 41, Green 3
Still many absentee votes to count and many Ridings could be overturned. Some, like our neighbouring Courtenay where the NDP won by only nine votes will be re-counted. This back and forth will go on for days.
We won in our riding by a substantial margin that will hold. I just wish there were many more.
If Green voters had of voted NDP it would have meant 16 more seats for the NDP and 16 fewer for the Liberals.
So what we have is a Minority Government with the Greens in the drivers seat. The Greens will never support the Liberals on the pipeline and tanker issues. Their members would revolt and the Party would fold. They may be tempted with the Speakers Chair or a Cabinet post and they may join the Liberals on economic issues as they have many times in the past but not on the environment.
British Columbia has always been hard left or hard right, there is no room for a wishy washy third party that can't make up its' mind which side of the fence it is on.

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