Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Solar Panel On!

Finished! I got a late start because I waited for Norma's lawn guy to arrive so he could pass the panel up to me on the roof. I thought of doing it with a rope but it could easily have swung into the side of the motorhome.

The aluminum brackets bolted on easily.
 Yup, lots of room beside the back panel.

Dave's bracket screwed in place on a bed of very soft, sticky butyl rubber. This will be covered with a good coating of Dicor self leveling sealant.

All done. The old panels really needed a cleaning!

All three panels wired in to the back of the controller. EDIT: I have now increased the size of the output wires shown to #10.

and back on the wall!

It is getting harder and harder to climb up and down and to work on my knees up there but I got it done in a couple of hours. The batteries are happily charging at 14.7 volts. Everything is good!


  1. Great job! Don't you just love the quiet of solar? Can't imagine boondocking without it now.

  2. Nice to get that done, now you ready to get back out there with lotsa power, love our solar as well.

  3. Everything looks so "spanking" new! There must be a lot of elbow grease applied toward cleaning.

    1. It was hard to get the blood off! I always manage to leave a small donation of it on my projects!

  4. Looks great! I hear you about the knees though. I've got foam pads in the garage, in the truck, in the rig.....

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