Thursday, August 10, 2017

Porch Improvements

I added a 750/1500 watt Infra Red heater. It will be on a thirty minute spring loaded countdown timer to keep power costs under control. 1.5 KWh @ $0.12 / KWh X 1/2 hour = nine cents per half hour. Manageable.

The other thing I added is simply self-indulgent! Morning news and afternoon Blue Jays games! This is the old TV from the bedroom of our first motorhome and has not been used in a decade. If it works out I may change it out for a larger flat screen and mount it up higher in the roof area. It is a work in progress.


  1. All you need now is a recliner and beer fridge.

  2. I like Bill's Idea, recliner, beer fridge and of course a large flat screen tv, you will have it made !

  3. Watch out for all those missing dimes from your Monthly budget.