Thursday, August 17, 2017

Winter Expenses 2016 - 2017

I just noticed I never posted our expenses for the winter of 2016-17. I know many people are interested in this so here it is.

It cost us about $1000 more this year due to increased costs everywhere and a higher rate for our Travel Medical Insurance. "Entertainment" includes gambling and I am happy to report Norma actually made a profit of $20 even after paying for my failed slot machine efforts.

These figures are for just under six months. They do not include RV and car repairs or personal shopping. Also please remember some of these expenses (Fuel Honda, Groceries, Dining out) would have occurred even if we stayed at  home. Our groceries tend to be a lot higher when we travel because of the type of eating we do and the fact that we entertain a lot more often. Bottom line was just under $100 Canadian per day. Speaking of which, the exchange rate was not kind to us.


  1. For your winter travel expenses for 2016-17, when I take out more items than you did because you most likely would spend at least some of those items at home, the bottom line looks immensely better. Remove fuel for the Honda, groceries less liquor (remember you cross the Canadian border going home with some of this stuff), wouldn't include all of your RV park expense, as you would have a much higher heating and electricity expense if you had stayed home, remove internet expense because you use that at home, and remove one-half of your dining out expense because you dine out some at home, but should keep the entertainment portion as-is. The bottom line would be significantly less than $17,500US, even with the poor exchange rate. I've just noticed that the exchange rate has gotten a few pennies better for the Canadian Dollar.

    1. Remember we have a house sitter so the heating and electric expenses are still high at home and not included in my chart. Same with Internet, we leave it on at home. We don't dine out very much at home because we have the fully equipped kitchen and food storage, enabling us to save by buying in bulk (Costco) which we can't do in the RV. You are right about the liquor, we hardly buy any in Canada. I don't separate the USA grocery bill and it includes booze, magazines, etc. When we travel in the winter we don't use the motorhome in the summer at all, thereby saving fuel, insurance, maintenance and RV parks. This year we may use it in the late summer. The biggest savings will be US Travel Medical Insurance, RV parks, Motorhome fuel and a good portion of groceries.

      I wish the Canadian dollar would go back up to where it was when we bought the motorhome in El Paso. That was in 2007 and the dollar was at par! Now it can't seem to be able to break $0.80.

    2. Now I see why you included certain items, because you really can't "shut down" the house to save money while you and Norma are traveling.

      By the way, I forwarded you an e-mail from our buddy.

    3. I got the email exchange with Roly, thanks. Cristy tripped on a curb shortly after landing. She insisted the broken wrist did not bother her much.

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