Saturday, August 26, 2017

Why I Am Supporting Charlie Angus For NDP Leadership

I'm with Charlie because he is a gutsy fighter for NDP values and the needs of the millions of Canadian women and men who are not, and will never be, in "the 1%" or even "the 10%".
He has a track record of "doing" not just talking - that's meant effective action for First Nations, for working class needs, for the environment, and for social justice.
Leadership is more than just planning tactics and organizing. Now, more than ever, our party and our country need a leader who is tough, principled and lives our values. That's Charlie Angus and I know that with Charlie as leader we will be back in the thick of it.
Charlie has the vision and the plan to grow our party and to bring us success. And he has the experience to turn NDP values into government policy. He's our best hope to become the next Prime Minister. 

Charlie and I share a concern for Canada's treatment of it's indigenous people, especially children and I know he will be a strong advocate for these marginalized people.

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