Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Moving up

And the big news of the day is! WE ARE OUT OF EMERGENCY and have a room! Not the fun filled oncology 8th floor "penthouse" but the 4th floor. I think they are still trying to move us up. The dietitian from the 8th floor talked to us earlier and wanted to do a couple of experiments to get better nutrition. Maybe another move tomorrow but at least she is out of the ER and the security guards running around all night. Unfortunately the room she is in now has three beds so I will not be able to stay overnight.


  1. Moving up in the world is always a good thing. Less pain is even better. Fingers crossed for the penthouse soon.

    Hang in there, you need some quality rest time.

    Positive thoughts coming your way from Mexico.

  2. It is so good that Norma is doing so well with the treatments; no doubt, she is happy that she has her family around her, and she can see a familiar face when she wakes up.

    You had mentioned that they may change her pain meds; in the early 1980s, my mother-in-law was in the Medical University here in Charleston, SC having radiation treatments. It just so happened that a renowned specialist, Dr, Linus Pauling who had a experimental clinic in Scotland, was visiting for a year here at the University in Charleston. Dr. Frank J. Ball, who was the Research Director for the laboratory I worked for, was a good friend of Dr. Pauling and got my Mother-in-Law on Dr. Pauling's experimental list for administering marijuana oils with her food which worked wonders for pain and increased her appetite significantly. However, she was not on a feeding tube, but eating her food by mouth. Using the oils allowed her to stay awake longer, and the morphine product made her sleep a lot. However, the conversations with her were very uninhibited, and quite frankly, she was very high. As an example, she asked all her boys (all of them in their 40s) if each of them had put on clean underwear that morning! She was feeling no pain and was wide awake. Since a number of Canadian provinces now have approved growing and synthesizing marijuana (maybe to oils), I wonder if your specialist ever would recommend it for pain management.

    Thinking often about you two, and you and Norma are what love is truly about.

  3. Nice to have a room finally ,and keep on getting better.

  4. I totally understand about being excited about getting a room and out of the ER. Sending hugs and positive thoughts to both of you.

  5. Being out of the ER is a huge improvement. Not having the hustle and bustle going on all the time. You're in our thoughts a lot and we hope you'll reach the eighth floor soon...

  6. I AM visualizing the 8th floor and hoping by the time you read this you have made the trip up.....Today on my FB page, the lunch we had at the Bagel Cafe, three years ago, came up on the screen. I knew then we are all on the same page! HUGS