Wednesday, March 20, 2019

One Down Nine To Go

Norma rode down to Victoria in an ambulance with me following in the Mazda. Four hours on the road and then her first radiation treatment a half hour after we arrived.

The hospital is over capacity so no rooms available. Norma slept in a curtained off area of Emergency and I slept at Brooks' in-laws. Norma had a bit of a panic when I was not here when she woke up for her pain meds as she forgot me leaving. Hopefully we will get a room with a cot for me tonight,

Second treatment at 10:00 this morning. They are hi-tech and painless!


  1. I like the painless part. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  2. Wow, hang in there. One day at a time..........sincerely hope ya'll
    get a room today! I'm thinking about you daily.

  3. Sending those positive thoughts your way.