Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Good Trip To Victoria

It was a good trip today. We started with a wake-up at 5:30 and ended when we got back at about 4:00. The day was dry, the highways freshly salted and the traffic light so we made good time. Brooks and LindaLee met us when we got there.

We all met with the doctor who outlined everything we knew. Surgery is not an option because everything in there is all tangled together and they would have to cut it up too much and it would come right back. He also ruled out radioactive iodine and Chemo. That leaves radiation as the preferred method of attack. We discussed pain management and Norma's aversion to morphine.

They took her into another room where they made a "mask" to hold her in the proper rigid position while the radiation is applied which looks something like a sci-fi goalie mask. They then gave her an MRI focusing on their areas of concern.

She will be transported to Comox on Thursday for a bone scan and then back to Victoria in 1 1/2 to 2 weeks to start her radiation. We will remain in Victoria for two weeks and it is undetermined where I will stay but it will be either at the Cancer House or at friends. In the meantime they have ordered more biopsies.

This is a very tiring journey for all concerned but our socialized medical system removes any financial strain and for that we are very thankful to be Canadians!


  1. Be Strong Croft... the caregivers suffer as much as the one whoc carries the burden...

  2. Keeping you both in our Prayers as we have traveled that road before.
    Be Safe.

  3. Take care of yourself too. She will need your strength.

  4. Having a "plan" is half the battle! Thankfully they are being aggressive and you know what you're going to be doing. Ya'll are in my thoughts and meditating time when I ask for powerful strength for you both. Glad ya'll discussed pain management at the front end of all of this....they have all kinds of things to give and use so that she should not be in pain. Halleleuia that $$ is not an issue - a BIG issue as it was for me with my daughter! Take it one day at a time. Otherwise, it is too overwhelming. Abrazos from Mexico!

  5. Croft, yes, Canadian medicine takes away a lot of the financial pressure and allows you, Brooks, and LindaLee to concentrate on Norma's treatments and comfort. If the Cancer House is nearer to the hospital and you feel you can get a good night's sleep there and maybe meals, wouldn't it be ideal? Beach and I are sending you big hugs, and you and Norma will always be in our thoughts, hearts, and prayers.

    1. When we get a firm date I will call the Cancer House to see if they have a room for me. It is free, meals are provided and they have a shuttle.

  6. Thank you all for keeping us in your thoughts!

  7. Dear Croft, You well know that you both are in our thoughts and we do hope for the best in terms of getting through this awful time without a lot of pain for everyone. I just deeply wish we were there with you and Norma physically but you know, for sure, we are there spiritually. We are keeping you in our prayers and sending lots of strength and support as well as good, positive thoughts. Abrazos y besos a los dos!!! Chris and Juan