Friday, February 27, 2009

Building A Sidewalk

In our travels we have seen two ways of building a sidewalk and curbs.

1) The USA / Canadian method: buy million dollar sidewalk and curb making machines, hire an operator and minimal crew and then demand that unemployed taxpayers pay for everything. The result is angry people who have even less disposable income to support their families.

2) The Mexican method: hire a hundred workers from the small town where the work is being done and use the tax money you collect from them to pay for the gravel, sand and cement that they mix on the street by hand. The result is proud wage earners, well fed, happy families with disposable income which they rush out to spend in a restaurant and on groceries and clothes for the kids. All this will be spent in the same small town with the new sidewalk and curbs.

And we wonder why we are in trouble?



1 comment:

  1. Well, yeah, but American's don't build their own sidewalks; that's what the illegal Mexican's are supposed to be doing. Maybe it's different up in Canada; I haven't been to check out BC since the nineties.