Friday, February 20, 2009

Changes In Latitude, Changes In Attitudes

Just like in the Jimmy Buffet song, as you travel South you find attitudes changing for the better. Down here you do not find the hustle and bustle of everyday life, at least in the part of it that affects us. Gone is the worrying and clock-watching. Everyone and everything is much more relaxed. If it doesn’t get done today, who cares. It may get done tomorrow and if it doesn’t, so what? The world slows down as you approach the Equator. Nobody is up tight. You begin to learn the complicated meaning of the word, “manana”.

We have run into many people who have given up on the stress of living in the USA and Canada and have moved to Mexico. They all seem to be very happy with their decision and it is not hard to see why. Like any Country, Mexico is not without it’s problems but life down here is much easier, much cheaper and much more tranquil.

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