Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Chiapas Coffee and News From Mexico

It is a cool, rainy morning here in Campbell River. I have a list of things to do but they all involve dry weather so I decided to instead bring out some of the Mexican coffee we brought back with us. It is a perfect day for it!

We brought back about five Kilos of coffee in all and the one I dug out of the freezer this morning is an organic coffee from the highest mountains of Chiapas. We bought it at a WalMart in Mexico on our way home but we actually did visit the Coffee Museum in San Christobal de Las Casas in the heart of the Chiapas mountains in early 2009 and remember passing the endless coffee farms near there.

Map picture

We heard some disconcerting news from our Mexican friends Chris and Juan this morning. Chris is on the west coast giving a presentation and got several calls from Juan. Juan had been driving on the highway near Monterrey when he was cut off by another car and was involved in a crash. Both vehicles were totaled and all the people in the other car were taken to the hospital. There was some concern that Juan would have to go to jail (a common practice in Mexico when there are injuries and blame is not easily determined) but the injured people were quickly released and came to the police station. Juan is shaken up by the experience but is now safe at home. They will now be shopping for a new car as well as a new trailer to replace the one they recently sold. We wish them all the best and wish they were here to relax and enjoy a cup of this great coffee!

Juan, Norma, Croft and Chris in San Miguel de Allende

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  1. Thanks Croft, looks like we will be receiving a check this next week if they decide to total the car.

    A new car would be nice and of course we need to get back out there and do some boondocking in Mexico.

    We would like to be in an rv in time for the Independence celebration in Dolores Hidalgo.