Saturday, May 29, 2010

The (Undamaged) Dish

When the StarChoice dish blew over in Corpus Christi I set it back up and tried to find the signal. I was unsuccessful and since we were leaving for dinner soon and leaving the next morning, we stopped trying. We did not know if the fall damaged the LNR or not. I had repaired the damage from the Satillo, MX blow-over with some two part epoxy and that repair held and there was no sign of any additional damage. I don't know why I could not reacquire the signal. We never had occasion to use the dish after that as we either stayed in parks with cable or were able to get off air digital channels the rest of the way home.

Testing the dish once we got home was on my to-do list and I finally got around to it yesterday. I brought the dish over to the patio outside the TV room and wired it into the big screen. I determined the settings using a new website I found that incorporates Google Maps. You simply tell it what system you are using, point to where you are on the map, hit "calculate" and Voila! Your settings appear!

I set the skew and elevation and then swung the dish a few degrees and there it was. I was getting a signal strength of 83 without much tweaking and the picture was good. Success! The dish was not damaged!

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