Monday, May 17, 2010

It Happens Every Time!

Every time I do a major sell the Market is low. This morning I had a look and the TSX is down 270 and the Dow is down 80. Why? CHINA! China for God's sake! China enters a bear market and Canada drops 270 points just as I am selling!

Well, at close the TSX recovered to down 200 and the Dow is actually up 5. I don't know if my sale went through today or not. I have a stomach ache. I should get out of the market. Are bonds paying 20% yet?


  1. Did you hear about this one?

    "Canadian couple traveling in Mexico terrorized by armed bandits, vehicles stolen"

    I'm sorry to hear about this escalation as things get worse, south of the border. It happens here in the States, too, of course. Might even happen in Brampton, Ontario, for all I know. Still, it sucks for the two couples involved.

  2. LOL - you have my luck - buying high and selling low. And though the talking heads will have something to say I don't believe there is ever a good reason.

  3. Oh No, now the Canadian Press is printing 'scare tactics'.

    I do not believe that any USA President is behind this; not Bush, not Obama none of them!