Saturday, May 15, 2010

Nice to Have My Workshop

I really missed my shop this winter. On the way to Mexico I lost the large pin that keeps the car dolly from dropping down while traveling and replaced it with a large bolt made of hardened steel. I spent months in Mexico trying to find either (a) a quality drill bit to drill my own hole through it for a hitch pin or failing that, (b) a machine shop to drill the hole for me. Neither was to be found after hours of searching and I broke six cheap bits (and got one bad cut on my hand) on it before I gave up. When I got home I accomplished the task in five minutes with my own drill and vice.

Yesterday I made a small platform for the new bedroom TV out of a scrap piece from Rae's winter renovation project. This lets the TV sit on top of the StarChoice receiver but still allows air flow. It is so nice to just be able to walk out to the shop to do these little jobs. In the motorhome even the simplest task becomes a major undertaking.

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