Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Internet has everything. Here is a site where us “aliens” passing through or visiting Arizona can download and print a "gringo" mask in order to blend in with the blond, blue eyed airheads who allowed their Governor to pass the racist Senate Bill 1070. This Bill allows, even requires Arizona law enforcement to question anyone they “suspect” may be in the country illegally.

They say they would never think of using racial profiling, but just in case we should have our masks ready to quickly put on whenever a police car passes.

By the way Governor, all us Canadians spending hundreds of millions every winter in Arizona are "undocumented aliens" as well. Is Sheriff Joe going to slam all of us up against the side of his car with the demand, "Show me your papers!"?

This is what Republican Gov. Jan Brewer thinks all Americans should look like so the masks will let us blend right in and avoid confrontation.



  1. Croft

    Right on ! My email to Gov. Brewer:

    Governor Brewer
    Thank you for making up our minds on our pending retirement state. When you signed the so-called immigration bill, which actually will use profiling to target one class of citizens, you convinced us to STAY OUT OF ARIZONA. We are not a minority, however we are outraged by the racism of your government in your new Nazi style "stop and produce your papers" law. So, thanks for convincing us that New Mexico is a far better alternative as our retirement state.

  2. If you as a Canadian, or Mexican, are stopped for a traffic violation in AZ after the 'immigration law' is passed and the police ask for a drivers license you will need to provide one. This is 'demanding your papers'; Canadian, or Mexican, police do the same thing.
    Additionally, IF the AZ police suspect that you are in the state illegally they will now also be required to ask you for your tourist visa. This is also 'demanding your papers', which also happens in Canada and Mexico.

    The masks are not going to help, perhaps even make the original traffic violation worse.

  3. The problem Ed, is that Canadians are not issued a paper visa. Our "visa" is the verbal OK of the border official who lets us into the USA.

    If I am nailed for jaywalking in Scottsdale what will the cop ask for. How will he know if I am in the country legally or illegally?

    Or will a gray haired white guy spending $ in Scottsdale get a "By" that an Hispanic looking guy jaywalking in a poor neighborhood not get? Is this fair?