Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I Hate Going Downtown!

It always costs me money! Yesterday was particularly bad! We have known the house needed new floors for some time. Years actually. The carpeting was old when we bought the house in 1989 but my brother, a floor layer by trade, told us it was very good quality and in excellent shape so that was our excuse. We have been putting it off for a long time and yesterday we were in Home Depot for some little thing and there was a big sale on bamboo flooring. I had roughly estimated that it would cost $6000 to put in flooring and with the sale it will be $3500 for all material except new baseboard. We are planning to put it in the kitchen as well. Bamboo is a very tough product and should stand it. We will just have to watch spills and wipe them up quickly.

It is being delivered on Thursday. Brooks.... Linda...... HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. LOL, lucky you have talented help. I always think the problem is going to the store together. If I'm alone I don't buy stuff like that; if we are together we somehow manage to talk ourselves into major purchases.

  2. Years ago we had new carpet laid in our L.R.& the carpet layer said as I was paying the bill"this will likely be the most expensive carpet you will ever lay".Could'nt figure out for a while what he meant till a few days later when my wife said 'the curtains don't match' .....then,a fews days later,'we need a new sofa...."lol