Saturday, August 7, 2010

More photos

Here are some more photos of the little house on the prairies. It was such a tiny house but I never noticed.

dadonsofa fireplace MOM&FIRE

kitchen kitchen2 livingroom livingroom2.tif


  1. Those pictures are fabulous!!! Did you ever use the fire place? We had one of those "fake" fire places (no hole, just the mantle and the brick).
    This totally brings back memories of my first house w/ my parents. It was small, no counter space, no real play space, but I never even noticed either!!!
    Funny how things can seem so much bigger when we are so little.
    No wonder we can hunker down in a Motorhome, we are used to small space!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. The fireplace had a small gas heater attached and that was where I got dressed every day in the winter. I can still remember the feeling of that heat on a frosty morning!

    The kitchen was so tiny and had, like you say, no counter space but the house was always full of the smell of baking and food. It was mom's first "real" kitchen of her very own in a long time.

    My sister never minded climbing a ladder to her room either as it was the first time she had her own room. She always had to share with her brother and/or mom who at age 18 was a widow with two babies. That would have been around 1927 and there were no social programs to help. Things were very hard until she married my dad in 1943 and he built them that house. I was born into the lap of middle class luxury two years later!

    You are right! That house had only about four times more living space than the motorhome!

  3. That is too cool! Your dad had great taste and design style.

    Little can actually be better. It forces you to be close.

  4. Great story - I think my parents house was about 1000 sq ft - a mansion but, of course, my dad couldn't build it himself! When he built something of wood the weight of the nails was probably greater than that of the wood. And, yes, I am my father's son!