Friday, August 20, 2010

The Deer Just Keep On Coming

Norma's latest weapon in her battle with the deer does not seem to be doing it's job. They have been up for a week now and the deer just walk right by them as if they were not there. I will give it another week to decide if they are going back.

I got some advice in a comment on the Blog from "Gringo Star" in Oregon that the only thing that ever worked for him was the "Scarecrow", a motion activated water sprayer. These things are made in Victoria, BC and cost $99 when ordered direct from the manufacturer. I ordered mine on eBay, brand new, from a dealer in Mesa, AZ for $47 including shipping. Go figure!

I wish I could just write the damn deer a cheque for $100 each if they would find somewhere else to brunch!

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