Sunday, August 15, 2010

Work Day

Brooks and Linda came up and we started laying the new bamboo floor on Friday night. When we started it felt like it was going to be a very long, tedious job. We got about 60 square feet of the 1000 done before we went to bed. Saturday was much better when Brooks discovered a much easier way to "click" the pieces together. Now it started going faster with Brooks and I laying the floor and Linda running the saws and making the precise cuts.

We got the master bedroom, living room, hall and 75% of the guest room done Saturday. Today we will finish the guest room and closet and do the kitchen. This will leave my office which is a nightmare. It is a small room with two computer desks and all the cables to deal with. The desks will not come out of the room without a lot of work so we will have to take all the equipment out and then stack everything we can in one corner, lay all the floor we can and then move the pile to finish. We may not get this done today as Brooks and Linda have to be back in Victoria to start a new job in the morning.

They are very hard workers and Brooks has now officially paid me back for all the times in his youth that he "borrowed" my car and emptied my liquor cabinet! I will never bring it up again!

Have to go, I smell coffee. There will be photos.