Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sometimes I Embarrass Myself

A "few" years ago I bought a hammer drill from Canadian Tire. It got a fair amount of use (and abuse) and a while ago I used the hammer feature to drill some drain holes through a concrete planter. It gave it a good workout.

Yesterday I tried to use the drill to drill some tiny holes in metal and the first bit broke instantly. I put another bit in and watched it as I squeezed the trigger. The bit wiggled from side to side as it spun. Something was out of alignment, probably from drilling the holes in the concrete wall. After trying a new bit to be sure I threw the drill into the garbage can and looked in the local sales fliers for a new drill. Canadian Tire had a huge tool sale on which got me thinking... The old drill is a C.T. brand so why not take it down to see if there is a guarantee on it? I pulled it out of the garbage can and drove downtown. The young woman looked up the model number and told me it was discontinued several years ago. No problem, I said, just toss it out for me. No, just a minute, she said and typed something into her computer. She told me they would give me a discount of $60 on any new drill! As luck would have it they had a 1/2" hammer drill kit marked down from $110 to $55! I got the new drill (which came with a case and about a hundred bits and screwdriver tips) plus $5 cash back for the broken drill!

These tools are not the best quality but if they honor their guarantees like that, who cares? Like I say, sometimes I embarrass myself but I love Canadian Tire.


  1. That was fabulous for you.
    Can't do without tools.
    I wish we had Canadian Tire here, I don't think Sears would have been that generous!
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX