Monday, February 14, 2011

70 Degrees!

Now this is what winter should be! It is just past noon and it is 70 degrees F out or 21.1 C for us Canadians and Mexicans, eh? It is real t-shirt weather!

I had a little problem where I dragged the dolly wiring harness on the ground the other day. It wore through some of the wires and some strands ended up touching. I thought all was well but yesterday morning the motorhome engine would not start, the battery was dead. I put it on charge all night and the charger showed a battery fault in the morning. The battery is shot. Paul knows a dealer in town so we loaded up the battery and took it down. We are now waiting for a new battery to be delivered to the dealer. The old one was three years old anyway so I am not concerned. S**t happens.

The four of us went to Paul and Dodies favourite steak house last night. I had a huge slab of tuna done rare. Very delicious! Norma, true to form, brought 3/4 of her bone-in rib eye home.

We met Paul and Dodie in Isla Aguada, MX two years ago when Paul had a kidney stone attack and they could no longer keep up with the caravan they were with. The caravan, true to form, left them at the side of the road and carried on without them. Paul had the stone dealt with in Mexico and was recuperating in the beautiful RV park when we drove in and parked next to them. We got along well and they told us if we were ever in Florida....... So here we are in their side yard with a huge concrete pad and 30 amp service! Life is good!

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