Friday, February 11, 2011

Three States Today!

We are in Florida! We left Mississippi this morning, entered Alabama at noon and crossed into FL late this afternoon. We are now parked in a Walmart about fifty miles west of Tallahassee, FL. The Walmart was posted "No Overnight Parking" but we asked anyway. The greeter called the manager and he told us to go ahead and park for the night. The sign is just there to stop people from taking advantage and staying for several days. These are the kind of people who will eventually ruin it for all of us. Some ignorant people have even been known to dump their holding tanks in the parking lot!

From Tallahassee we will be turning south onto Highway 98 and taking the scenic route to Tampa. I have an aunt in Sarasota who I have met only once. Part of the purpose of this trip is to see her.

We had a little problem this morning when the wiring connector from the dolly became unattached from the motorhome and dragged on the road. I noticed the trailer brake was not working and stopped. The connector was ground down a bit from dragging in the pavement but the wired were nor exposed and I plugged it back in. Several hours later we stopped for lunch and when I went to start the engine, the battery was dead. I went back to the dolly connection and found the cable had been damaged in the dragging incident and several wired were barred and touching. I had grounded out the battery!

It eventually started by using the "Emergency" button which connects the engine to the coach battery and after an hour on the road everything is charged and provided it starts in the morning, no harm was done. I picked up a box of wire splices in Walmart and I will cut out the damaged section of the cable tomorrow morning before we leave. It will be a half hour job.

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