Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cape Canaveral

We drove out to Cape Canaveral and Cocoa Beach today. Everything was shut down at The cape because of tomorrow’s launch but it hardly mattered. Foreign nationals are not allowed anywhere but the Visitors Center anyway. They’re afraid Canada may steal some of their secrets. Or something.

It was a beautiful warm day and a nice drive, with the air conditioner needed both ways. The route out included a couple of Toll roads but the tolls are pretty tame by Mexican standards. One was seventy five cents and the next two a buck and a quarter each. Small change! We drove out to the island past several motorhomes positioning themselves along the 528 causeway to see the launch at 4:45 tomorrow. It would be fun to watch but everyone said the crowds are horrendous on launch day. We continued south down the island, stopping once in Cocoa Beach to put our feet in the Atlantic and then crossed back over to the mainland on the last bridge near Palm Bay (off the map).

We stopped at Ozzie’s Crab House for a late lunch / early dinner on the way home. A very nice day!

Map picture

Darn! I can’t bring my three gallon Margarita glass onto this beach. Honest officer,  I only had one!


Feet in the Atlantic! A little chilly but not bad. Some people were swimming. Maybe after their one gallon drink.


Cocoa Beach


Local wildlife



  1. Only a gallon of booze on the beach? And they call that place a free country!

  2. Croft,

    A reminder to you that the new 2011.40 maps are out for the Garmin. Thought you may have missed that with all the fun you are having!


  3. We saw a launch a couple of years back and the crowd was actually not to bad.

    If we were within 500 miles there is no way we would miss it. Especially a night launch.

    Get going