Tuesday, February 22, 2011


We have been tied to the TV set the last few days watching the Canadian Women’s “Tournament Of Hearts” curling.  This is the first year in some time that we have been able to watch the Round Robins leading up to the finals. It has been keeping us around home.

We both curled when we lived in Terrace, BC with me curling three nights a week and sometimes four nights when Anita, our next door neighbour asked me to curl with her in the mixed league when her husband (the mayor) was out of town.

We had a lot of fun and some of our best friendships came out of curling in Terrace.


  1. Croft, are you watching this on Canadian or US TV? If US, which station covers it? I love watching curling, but don't get much opportunity here in the USA!

  2. Sorry Laurie, it is only on Canadian TV. Rogers Sports Network, Channel 400 on Starchoice.

  3. Bummer. Well, I'll just have to go back to watching the unions fight for collective bargaining rights in Wisconsin. Go, team!!

  4. I have to pick up a little extra cash this year in the USA, mi amigo!