Friday, June 15, 2012

Eagles Back?

I was working in the yard today when I noticed two huge eagles overhead. They look like "our" eagles who have nested in a tree on the bank behind the house for several years. They were flying along the tree line and engaging in a lively conversation. Were they looking for the remnants of their last nest or scouting out a spot for a new one? Were they checking out spots near the old nest or thinking about moving further down the beach?

I was doing my best by whistling at them and saying "Welcome home". I may also have waved madly at them. I hope they decide to come back to the old tree. They provided us with many happy hours observing them and listening to their chatter as they went about their daily lives and raised their chicks.

They flew off before I went in for my camera so unfortunately I got no photos. However as I was standing on the lawn a pair of brightly colored small birds landed on one of our feeders. I do not know what they are but they spent quite a bit of time around the feeder and bath. maybe they have a nest nearby.

* Contessa has just identified these guys as a pair of American Goldfinches. Thanks Contessa!


  1. You have a pair of American Goldfinches visiting. As to the eagles I so hope they are yours and just were delayed flying North. Must have heard about our bad weather and spent a few extra weeks further south!