Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sore Arms!

Our friends Dave and Doris are cutting trees on their rental property just down the beach from us. Yesterday Doris called to see if we wanted some FREE, delivered firewood. They had plenty and had no fireplace or wood heater in their new house and were trying to get rid of the wood. They had rented a splitter so everything was done for me. How could I refuse? We have a sealed woodburning fireplace in the living room and a covered wood storage area out back. The fireplace gets very little use as we are away all winter and the house sitter did not use it. Anyway, free wood is free wood and with the weather we are getting, a nice wood fire would be nice on some cool evenings.

Yesterday I cleaned out the wood storage area of a bunch of old firewood that will be burned in the outside fireplace and started packing the new wood around the house and stacking it. What a job! I am sure my arms are a couple of inches longer from the weight of the wheelbarrow! I just did another five loads today and it looks like I am half way through the pile. Maybe another few loads this afternoon and the rest tomorrow.

The doctor said. "Get more exercise"! Life is good.


  1. That's a killer job for sure. The way our weather is going now, you just might get a lot of use from that firewood this summer!

  2. Better than using the furnace like we are. Not sure what to do about those extra long arms...maybe you'll be able to give out some extra special hugs!

  3. As long as you don't end up dragging your knuckles, the longer arms shouldn't be too big a problem.
    *free* is good. Sometimes though...

  4. Take it easy hombre - we are well advised to pace ourselves at our age ;-)

  5. Free wood is great....we hauled wood our last burning year from our summer land..tons of it...I don't miss that job at all....