Sunday, June 3, 2012

Wayward Bird Visit

I was glued to the TV yesterday watching a NASCAR race when Norma frantically called to me. A small bird had flown through the open front door and was banging into windows in the kitchen trying to find a way out. When I got there it was laying exhausted on the dinette seat. I started talking to it in a low voice and tried to pick it up but it got it's second wind and flew hard into the window and fell to the floor. Worried it would seriously hurt itself, we closed the door to the living room and tried to gently herd it towards the laundry room which leads to the TV room and it's wide open french doors. It was now "skittering" across the floor in a panic and made it to the laundry room where it hid behind the freezer. I was still talking to it in a low voice, telling her I would not hurt her and finally she came out and spotted the open back door. She took wing and flew out the door, landing on the grass a few feet away to catch her breath. I stayed and talked to her for a few minutes until she flew into the brush on the bank behind the house.

She will have quite a tale to tell her friends and I hope she has decided that she does not want to live in a house. I went back to my race.


  1. You can now add "Bird Whisperer" to your resume!

  2. You can sweet talk your way around anyone, eh!!

    Glad the bird could still fly.

  3. Another interesting experience, at least you were able to finish watching the race.

  4. Nice touch! A bird whisperer is an interesting calling.