Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Transit Of Venus

Today something is happening that will not happen again during any of our lifetimes! The planet Venus is passing between us and the Sun. it will not happen again until 2117 when my granddaughters will be well over 100 years old!

Photos are starting to appear on the Internet. Here is one by astronomer Bradley P. Allen of Manhattan Beach, CA. There is no hope of seeing it here, it is cloudy again. If you have a clear sky, do not stare at the sun. You will damage your eyes! Special equipment is needed.

Transit of Venus 2012-06-05 images from Manhattan Beach, CA

And another by Bill Pinnell, also of California.



  1. When hasn't it been cloudy. Too bad we are missing it. Thanks goodness for internet.

  2. Croft,

    It was Neil Trainer I met with for coffee. We drank a few pots of coffee while reminiscing on our past work together.

    He says hi and remembers a 1961 Blue Chevy Impala - four door hardtop - that belonged to your father.

    He will be at the 50th anniversary reunion for your high school group next year.

    I can send you Neil's email. He would love to connect....and he instantly figured out who you were.

    Send me your email address at my email gen4@shaw.ca and I will send you his contact information.