Sunday, April 17, 2016


We had company for dinner last night. Our friends Kevin and Ruth had contacted us a few days ago saying they would be driving through Las Vegas on Saturday and would stop by if we were home. Yesterday afternoon sure enough they parked in the check-in area and walked over to our rig. We chatted while Ruth took advantage of the park's coin operated laundry and a couple of hours passed quickly. Norma thawed a bag of jambalaya and cooked some rice while Kevin and Ruth looked for a place to park for the night. Their rig is evidently too old (pre-2000) to stay in the RV park so they tried a casino down the road but were turned away by their "no camping" policy. Finally they settled in the WalMart down the street and walked back to our park.

Discussions continued until dinner was ready which we enjoyed with a bottle of wine. Time passed quickly as it always does and they walked back to their rig. This morning they are off to Utah to do some exploring before heading up to their summer job at a Saskatchewan campground. It was great seeing them, it has been a year since our paths last crossed.


  1. That was great that they were able to stop by for a visit,
    we have yet to meet them, someday....

  2. I never knew RV parks discriminated against old (classic) RVs. What's their logic?

    My favorite rigs are the old time ones.