Friday, April 15, 2016

Day 2 - Viva Las Vegas!

It was a short drive to Las Vegas yesterday. You really have to watch gas prices as they can vary as much as sixty cents a gallon from station to station. I got burned once at a Shell station in Wikiup that charged $3.09 in spite of a sign that advertised $2.99. Just down the road at the Wikiup Trading Post it was $2.49. I have to start using Gas Buddy!

We checked into The Roadrunner RV Park for three days at $18 per day. This has become a regular stop for us over the years. It is clean with great showers and a nice (if a little cool) pool and is close to a few casinos if we want to wander through one. No decision on that yet.

I am trying to pay the speeding ticket I got in Texas two weeks ago. I have called them several times including this morning but they keep saying it is 'not in the system' yet. The ticket says if it is not paid by the 20th of April then I have to appear in court. I guess I should call back and try to talk to someone other than the clerk who tells me not to worry about it, just keep trying. I don't want to find the fine has doubled because I did not pay in time nor do I want to get arrested next time I am in Texas.

The wind blew hard all night but did not blow the dish out of line. Both Starchoice receivers are giving us trouble. One re-boots every few minutes and the other has one channel dead. They both need replacing once we get home.


  1. Nice that you got settled for a bit. Relax and enjoy.
    Gas buddy does come in pretty handy, we use it all the time.
    Maybe you just need to "Refresh" your receivers on line, it's worth a try.

  2. Been using for years. Makes a huge difference on the final bill when you're buying 40 or 50 gallons at a time.

    Windy here in Barstow, California too. Not easy driving a big old sailboat on the interstate!

  3. That wind is not fun to drive in!

    I realized the receivers have been plugged into the inverter since November and have not been unpowered since then. I unplugged the bad one for two hours, plugged it back in and it seems to be behaving much better. We will know later today when it starts recording.

  4. Heads up, lots of construction in the Tacoma area, very slow going.

  5. We never go anywhere without Gas Buddy. Old habits die hard - I have looked for the lowest price on just about everything all my life - I think I got it from my father. I do have one problem with Gas Buddy though - the discount price should not be posted - only the price anyone who drives up pays - in other words if you buy $100 groceries at Safeway you get 10 cents off - that discount is not for everyone and should not be posted.