Saturday, April 9, 2016

Edmonton House - Early Photo

Here is my Edmonton childhood house shortly after it was completed. As I said, it was very small, maybe 20 X 25 feet. The corner closest to us is the living room and at the back of the house was the kitchen. On the other side of the entry was my parents bedroom, behind that the bathroom and then my 6 X 8 bedroom. In my bedroom closet was the ladder leading to my sister's long, narrow room in the attic. My brother had a room and a simple shower in the basement. My sister was 18 when I was born and my brother 16.

​I once asked my sister how she felt about having to sleep in the attic and if it bothered her having to give her bedroom up to her baby brother when I was born. She said it was heaven because she still had had a room to herself. She had always shared with at least her brother and often with her mother as well.

Edit* After studying the photo and digging into my memory, I am going to modify my 20X25 = 500 sq. ft. estimate and reduce it to maybe 18X22 = 396 Sq. ft. It was really a tiny house.


  1. Sorry still no picture.
    Somethings to be sais about having you own space, no matter where it is !

  2. OK, I deleted the photo. Then I opened the original photo (a jpg), edited it slightly in Picasa, saved it under a new name and inserted it in the blog. If this doesn't work I don'y know what I am doing wrong. I have put hundreds of photos in the blog.

  3. Thanks George. I don't know what is going on with Blogger but if it works, it works! It is a very old Kodachrome that my mother probably had colourized somewhere along the way.

  4. Hey I grew up in Edmonton, is that house still there? what area of town is it?

  5. Still there! Looks pretty good too. Northwest side, see previous post for exact location.