Thursday, April 21, 2016

Expensive Stop At Pendleton, OR

We had a short day on the road today, three hours on I-84 to Pendleton, OR. Norma has been pining to replace the 29" Toshiba TV in the bedroom with something bigger and Walmart has their 39" Vizio on sale for $229 US which is $290 CAN. A good deal and with a little ingenuity the old 29" Toshiba will replace the 21" Vizio in the front of the motorhome. That 21" will either replace the 19" in the back or if that doesn't work out, replace the 19" in the guest bedroom at home.

Simple, eh? I will have to refer back to this post to remember where everything goes!


  1. And your rig is how big? LOL Maybe you ought to get a tv for the car as well.

  2. Come on Don, 29" isn't THAT big! And we spend six months a year in it!