Wednesday, April 13, 2016

First Day Heading Home

Early Start? Well, No...

So... Unhooking the water at 7:00 AM and the whole tap assembly broke off the rusted pipe! Fountain of water and me trying to stop it with a rag, wine cork, rag and concrete block (that one sort of worked). Finally our neighbour found the maintenance guys and by 8:30 they had it stopped. Good thing it is warm (72 F), I was soaked but did not even bother to change. Got on the road by 10:00.

Four hours later we pulled into Dazzo's RV Park in Wikiup, AZ. This is a favorite stop for us as it is exactly half way between Mesa and Las Vegas. It is a Passport America park with full hookups at $10 per night. It has 30 amp power which is running the air conditioning in the 85+ heat here. 

I had to laugh as we were checking in. There was a large Donald Trump portrait beside the desk leaving no question as to what Dazzo's politics are. I told Norma I was going back to the office with my Bernie Sanders shirt on!

It is always easy to find Starchoice in this park as the rout to the satellite is in the exact same direction as the RV is pointed. I got the skew and altitude set and dropped the dish onto the mount. I immediately heard the sound come on and a quick check showed a perfect signal! This was possibly the fastest setup ever!


  1. If you aren't burning up electrical pedestals, you're ripping out water spigots. ; )
    By all means, do the Bernie t-shirt.

  2. LOL you got your morning shower and laudry do at the same time.
    Travel safe.

  3. hopefully that is the only issue you encounter on your journey home

  4. I've started over at least twice to tell you guys something since you left, then remembered. It is a strange feeling for all evidence, except the new spiggot, to be gone of the fact you were even there. Guess I'll get used to this as I start moving around myself.